Grace and Abe’s created a space with you in mind.​

Our Brew Pub and Eatery was designed to delight and charm each one of you with a pleasant dining and drinking experience. We transformed an historic building – built in the mid-1800s, abandoned for years and last a car dealership – into an expansive upstairs eatery and intimate pub downstairs, with every seat offering an intriguing view.

Upstairs you may be mesmerized by the wood-fired copper oven, the transparent ballet dance of the kitchen or the people-watching outside the garage-door-style front windows. Our speakeasy with a twist is on the lower level and offers more seating along with an artisan-forged bar where the steam-punk inspired decor shows off an industrial mash-up with the natural world.

Our beloved 11-year old Grace Bedell made history when she suggested Abraham Lincoln grow a beard while passing through Westfield on his presidential pundit and we too aim to make history and are pleased to serve all ages, local-folk and visitors. At Grace and Abe’s, we welcome families of all sizes, couples on date-night, friends and co-workers alike – anyone out to unwind and looking to enjoy a fantastic meal.

We created a one-of-a-kind menu that will pique your taste buds – we pride ourselves in using high-quality fresh ingredients and hand-craft all our dishes. You’ll find a pizza that meets your desires and can choose from a broad array of Neapolitan-style pies baked in our red-hot oven – and if you don’t find one that meets your needs, you may create your own. We also have traditional pub foods prepared with a flair including appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps and more.

It’s our desire to make sure you don’t leave thirsty and with that, we offer our own craft beers including Abe’s Ales and 7 Sins Brewery styles. These beers are small-batch beers only a craft-beer lover could dream of and span the 1800s to today’s style including common ales, porters, American, Belgian and IPA ales; a cherry wheat, stout and more! True to our peerless crafts, we also offer Quincy Cellar reds and whites all of which were hand-selected to pair with our fare.

Grace and Abe’s has been fashioned for you to experience old meeting new with wonderment and consider what the world used to be when our founding fathers started this country, when Grace and Abe met in Westfield, what your grandparents thought of when the industrial revolution started, the lightning speed of our ever-changing modern technological world today and dreams of tomorrow. Perhaps you will reminisce or make new memories – or conjure up inspiring novel ideas – while partaking in our food, drinks, service and ambience at our Brew Pub and Eatery – at least we hope so!