The Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market

We take pride in offering flavorful foods by using fresh high-quality ingredients. Our chef and staff make taste testing a labor of love and taste recipes over and over until the best flavor is created while trying out a mix of individual ingredients. We feel the best ingredients are fundamental to creating fabulous dishes. When possible, we locally source our raw ingredients to ensure freshness and for sustainability.

One local spot we’ve found to consistently offer fresh, full-flavor ingredients is right in our own neighborhood at the Westfield Farmer’s Market. Westfield and Chautauqua County is known for its agriculture – farms along Lake Erie’s coastline are known for its grapes, fruits and vegetables while in the central and south county other crop, produce, dairy and beef farmers flourish as well. In fact, Chautauqua County is home to over 1,500 farms that produce high quality, safe, and nutritious foods for us all to enjoy!

If you’re looking for a way to experience a taste of local fresh food, try our Westfield Farmer’s Market pizza. It is a wood-fired pie like all of our pizzas and includes a house-made white cream sauce and mozzarella, Parmesan and ricotta cheeses. It also includes wild mushrooms, red onion, roasted peppers, summer squash, tomatoes, and spinach – all hand-selected weekly from the Farmer’s Market. Scrumptious!

Image of Westfield Farmers Market from Westfield’s Official Website

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